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The Pow’r Load’r

Thank you for considering the Pow’r Load’r, thought by many to be the best digger built in the USA. We are presently the exclusive playground digger for Denver, Colorado Springs, Seattle, Bellevue and Edmonds Parks and Indianapolis Children’s Museum.

Previously in my former occupation as Seattle Parks Playground Supervisor of Maintenance & Inspections I made repairs to every digger manufactured in the USA. This led me on a quest to design and build the best and safest playground digger in the world. What I found is that all other the playground companies have not solved the torque problem with their digger. We are talking 800 PSI enough to crush or shear a child’s finger. This torque creates stress at all the stress points, bearings become elliptical wearing out prematurely and or they break. We know about torque problems our early diggers broke not often but they did. Our modifications in 2006 have produced not one Pow’r Load’r digger broken within the warrantee period. The gratification that many of our diggers are still in use proves our goal of the best digger built in America has been attained.

This challenging Playground Toy provides a platform for learning and child development for kids of all ages.

The Pow’r Load’r is the 1st digger to offer children an educational activity and enhance skill development, by designing the Arm Assembles to work in direct relation to each other. To operate the digger one must use both arms in coordination with each other to make the bucket open and close similar to a real back hoe.

Left/right coordination is a complex activity that changes brain neurons and feeds their concentration, putting kids in their own make believe world as only children can do. Watching children interact with this toy, I believe they develop and improve their social and cognitive skills.

I see them teach one another how to operate the equipment. They must be patient and cooperative, learning to share play time like no other toy in the playground, because it is so popular. You will find this simple while complex toy will captivate your users.

What separates the Pow’r Load’r digger from the rest?

  • First sand shovel strong and durable enough to offer a 1.5 year limited Breakage Guarantee.
  • First digger to meet and exceed the criteria set by ASTM and CPSC concerning pinch, crush and shear criteria.
  • First diggers to solve the torque problem, causing minimal wear, with a safe and logical approach.
  • Your maintenance staff will be pleased to know the Pow’r Load’r comes nearly pre-assembled and maintenance free.
  • The design is superior to comparable products, because we solved the torque problem. Thus bearing wear is minimal after many years of service and it doesn’t break. This is quite a statement since this toy is so much fun to play with it gets considerable amount of abuse.

Todd Smith

Pow’r Load’r Inventor & Certified Playground Inspector